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Categories Capacity planning Jira
Created by Mark Eaves
Created on Aug 26, 2020

Synchronize logged time and remaining estimates from Jira back to advanced estimates

Using the Enterprise+ Capacity Planning for Teams feature, you can define an advanced estimate on a feature record and send it to the Jira. The total value of the advanced estimate is correctly reflected in Jira.

However when the estimate is updated in Jira, the detailed estimate is not updated on the feature card in Aha! The only place where we can see the updated value is on the feature card itself.

It's important at a minimum to have an indication that the remaining estimate differs from the initial advanced estimate, and to somehow observe how the logged work and remaining estimate reconcile against the advanced estimate

    Oct 5, 2022

    Individual and team capacity planning just got even better. Visualize the most recent estimate for both individuals and teams to manage workloads efficiently — all in one report.

    This allows you to visualize advanced team estimates alongside detailed estimates that sync from Jira to Aha!

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