Roadmap: Live update the gantt/timeline chart when dates are edited in the detail pane

Building out a release roadmap in the "Releases" view feels really slick ... at first. I quickly realized that dragging things around in the timeline to set the dates was too imprecise. The trouble is, editing the start/end date in the detail panel doesn't update the chart!
My solution looks something like this:
  1. Add feature to the list
  2. Edit start/end in detail panel
  3. Refresh page
  4. Repeat
Do that a dozen times ... play around with dependencies ... experiment with the dates. Pretty soon you want to toss the computer through the window.
Please fix the connection between the gantt chart and date fields to enable live updating.
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  • Oct 19 2016
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Release time frame
  • Jan 16, 2020

    Admin Response

    We just gave the Gantt chart a major upgrade. Get ready for a fresh look, smoother experience, new master features view, and more.

    Updates made in the drawer will now live update the related record on the Gantt chart.