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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 25, 2016

As an Aha idea portal admin, I would like the ability to make the first two fields into custom fields so all products under a product line can inherit from one idea portal format(consistency)

Problem: I cannot make the first "Your idea" field or the "Please add more details" field to be a custom field in the idea portal or when creating an idea in Aha.  Today, different products and product lines will have the first two fields look different because of this limitation.  If you create an idea inside of Aha (not in idea portal), it has the default/different fields as well.  Creates inconsistency when the default idea portal layout doesn't fulfill what's needed.

Request: I want to make all the fields on my idea portal into custom fields so I can have all idea portals consistent across products, product lines.  A first step would be to provide the option to make the "Please add more details" field required by default.

Workaround: I had to update the text in the "Your idea" field or the "Please add more details" field to represent the "Title" and "Real Scenario + Problem Statement".  But that only fixes the problem for one product .  The next product we create, we'd have to go back in an make the same updates.  This doesn't scale with large teams and still doesn't solve the root problem.

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  • Guest
    Sep 8, 2016

    Talked with Aha....going to do 2 portals (public and private) to get around this request so I can have both have the exact same fields. The only issue is that the 2nd field, the "Please add more details" default field (the one I changed to "Real Scenario + Problem Statement", cannot be made to be required.  So I'll open up a separate idea for that one.