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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas
Created by Richard Siebels
Created on May 25, 2016

Add ability to copy Idea Categories between products

When setting up products, or making changes to categories, it is often very similar. Having the ability to import categories, or copy them from an existing Product would make this much more efficient.

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  • Ann Wuyts
    Nov 25, 2021

    I second this. We will be updating and remapping our categories. I'm not looking forward to having to set all these up by hand.

  • Dave Tucker
    Mar 3, 2021

    We have the same requirement. Creating the same categories each time is very inefficient and error prone.

  • Guest
    Jun 25, 2019

    I agree.  As I trial Aha and trying to see if it fits my use case, I have having some issues with the ability to do activity Cross-product.  I think I could use Ideas that would span multiple products, but that's a more complex solution and may be against the philosophy of Aha.  But having the categories available across products would definitely be a benefit.  For example, come ideas I might create are "launch outreach to potential partners of my websites."  This may cover marketing (very intrigued by the new functionality here!), and some dev work in that I might need to create some new Email templates that have to get hooked into my Email service, as well as Design, who designs the templates.  I am having trouble right now figuring out how all this would neatly fit in one product only.

    Hope that's useful!

  • Guest
    Mar 26, 2018

    Great idea. I would like consistent categorization for all product ideas to simplify reporting across all product opportunities.

  • Stefan Hellpointner
    Dec 1, 2016

    We have 15 products across 5 proct lines. Idee categories are always the same. much waste of time to define the categories product based.

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Allow for the import of Idea Categories into products.

We manage multiple product idea portals for a single product. The Idea categories are the same for each product . It would be useful to have the ability to import categories from an existing portal or via a CSV.
Steve McDonald over 7 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Future consideration

Copy ideas categories from one product line to another

We have added a new product line and want to replicate our existing list of idea categories from the existing product lines to the new product line. However this isn't currently possible meaning the only alternative is to manually re-create the ...
John Hopkin almost 6 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration