Categories of moved ideas

When an idea is moved from one product to another, category selections should be translated to the new product.  I needed to move some ideas to a new product today and I ensured that the categories of both products matched.  After moving the ideas, the categories still showed on the ideas but they were the categories of the legacy product, not of the current product.  The only place that this was really evident was in the ideas portal.  Even though the ideas had an assigned category, they didn't show up in the idea portal any longer.  Updating the categories manually was difficult because you cannot filter or sort on the Categories column.  Fortunately, I could at least do a bulk update but only after carefully selecting each idea individually. 

  • Tom Beck
  • Mar 17 2017
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  • Tom Groff commented
    2 Dec, 2019 06:44pm

    Related... I was trying to group ideas into a category for voting.  The ideas spanned multiple products.   I was not able to create a single category for multiple products.  Having categories span multiple products would solve the category move idea  also - i think.