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Categories Ideas portal
Created by Tobias Lehtipalo
Created on Aug 14, 2016

Allow idea portal users to edit the category of an idea

Sometimes our users makes a mistake and picks the wrong category when they share an idea with us. Some of our users has asked for the ability to edit the category. Even though we can do that ourselves from within Aha it would certainly be helpful if the user was able to fix it. Right now the idea creator can edit an idea but the edit form does not contain the ability to change the category. Since we rely on the category field for a first triage to determine which product manager should review the idea correct categorization makes our life easier.

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  • Earl Arbuckle
    Jul 27, 2023

    Thanks! This is very helpful

  • Paul Odette
    Apr 6, 2022

    Here is my use case. Categories are for sales divisions and departments. This enables a leader in each area to vote. During voting, I'd like them to tag the category for their department. When clicking into the category there will be a nice ordered list of priorities as an input into the 2023 capital planning process.

  • Jyothirmayi Talaparthy
    Aug 4, 2020

    Yes. We need this capability to allow category changes on the portal by the submitter in case he/she had submitted it incorrectly which happens very frequently.

    But there should also be some process to allow this change to happen only until certain time, like an idea promoted, etc. We do not want the categories to be out of sync once an idea is promoted to a feature.

  • Guest
    Jul 11, 2017

    Here's our requirement: As a team member who uses the internal ideas portal, i would like the ability to edit an idea I submitted to another team when the status is "needs review" because sometimes I submit the idea and realize I have additional information to add after submitting.

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