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Created on Jan 8, 2015

Add ability when filtering idea by category, to include ideas tagged with it's subcategories into the results

When managing large lists of idea it is very helpful to filter the list based on the category and subcategories. In our case (we chose the first level category to be our products, and sub-categories the components of the products.


Ideas are then typically never mapped against the first level category, but always the 2nd level (components).


Issues with filtering by Category:

- The category drop-down is not hierarchical

- If you need to see all ideas pertaining to a particular product, all sub-categories have to be selected manually (which is hard to know which ones these are - as the list is alphabetically sorted flat-list.

    May 15, 2019

    The status of this idea was out of date. This is now possible within the category dropdown of a report filter. The categories in the dropdown are organized by their product and parent category. And you can easily select all of the categories under a product or parent category with one click.

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