additional relative date fields

Please can you urgently add additional relative date fields to report filters - particularly future ones (the rest seem well covered).  I'm battling to make reports (and hence Notebooks) that update with current time periods without this.

Suggestions to add:

  • Next week
  • Next month
  • Next quarter
  • Last 2 weeks
  • Next 2 weeks
  • Last 2 months
  • Next 2 months

Can you also add the ability to do "between" ranges with dynamic dates.  For example I want to show a report of Releases that have a due or release date between 1 week ago and 2 weeks in the future.

You could allow a formula in the date filter so I could do something like "where date > today -7 and date < today + 14"  or "where date > last week and < next two weeks".

  • David Behr
  • Mar 29 2016
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Release time frame
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  • David Behr commented
    April 09, 2016 21:37

    Any update on timeframe for this?  At least adding the set dates shouldn't take long at it would really help me now.