Pivot Table - Provide filter option that includes historical/future dates for relative dates

The relative dates is awesome, however when I select "Less than X days ago" I want it to include dates prior to and including current date (today).   Since the current functionality doesn't include historical (or future dates or "more than x days ago"), then my suggestions is to either another option to the dropdown, or add a checkbox to "include historical/future dates on relative dates".


EXAMPLE:   "Before 14 Days From Now"  (I want it to include todays date and prior to today, right now it does not)

  • Kyle Carpenter
  • May 13 2016
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Release time frame
  • May 13, 2016

    Admin Response

    Have you tried using the "After" or "Between" date selections? These might help to provide the time frames that you are looking for, and allow for future dates.

    We also have plans to implement additional options within the Custom dropdown, which would allow you to select future dates like "Next week"

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  • Kyle Carpenter commented
    13 May, 2016 10:09pm

    Response to Admin.  The After and Before date DO work for my needs, but the date is fixed.  The  "Less than X days ago" only displays tomorrow through X (does not include current day (today) OR historical and/or future dates).  We would like to see "Everything Before Two Weeks From Now" so we can create a report on everything due, and overdue, in two weeks and overdue.  Of course if there were boolean operators we could solve it that way too, and I have a BIG +1 for the AND/OR boolean operators for combining filters.  Thanks for the response.