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Created by Aldon C
Created on Aug 2, 2015

Additional features in new Pivots

I would like to see additional filters in the new Pivots which we use in the older one:

-Filter on Release quarter (internal and external) since we sometimes just want to see the next 'x' quarters.

-Filter on Goal name since we use these to track how we are doing on major cross-product efforts

I would like to have 'Select All' and 'Select None' in the filter settings to help make it easier to chose products, initiatives, etc.


    Jan 14, 2016

    This is currently possible through current filters on the Pivot table page.

    Filter on Goal name currently exists. While there currently is not a "Filter on release quarter" option, there is a "Release date" option which allows you to then specify time ranges for the data that you are trying to visualize.

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  • Aldon C
    Aug 2, 2015

    -Add Filtering by release initiatives to this. Currently, the Initiative filter only shows something when a Feature has that initiative assigned.