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Created on Jan 6, 2018

Make "release quarter" field filterable in reports

We create pivot reports to show our quarterly roadmap of features. Each row is an initiative. Each column is  the "release quarter" field. Features are listed in the cells. This works great.

Now, imagine there are 4 quarters in the past, but you only want to display the current quarter and future quarters. Use Filters, right?

Click on filter button.

Result: You can't find the field "release quarter" to filter by.

Expected result: Ability to filter by "release quarter" field.

    Feb 10, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. This is not currently planned on our roadmap but we will continue to monitor customer feedback here.

    In the meantime, we would suggest using the Release date filter. This filter is quite powerful. For the use case mentioned here you could use the After option to specify the start of the current quarter. This would show any future releases and filter out the quarters in the past. Alternatively you could use a date range if wanted to exclude any quarters further out in the future.

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  • Jyothirmayi Talaparthy
    Feb 9, 2022

    I believe release quarter, Epic quarter & initiative quarter should be available for filter when it is available for reporting as a field. Doesn't make sense to not have that available. Example: We have pivot reports using Intiative quarter for columns and we want users to have the ability to pick specific quarter as needed which is only available thru filters. So it was disappointing to not have the field available for filters.

  • Jor Bratko
    Jan 5, 2021

    This, but for Epic Quarter as well.

  • Keith Mantell
    May 7, 2020

    This is exactly what we would like too!

  • Guest
    Oct 1, 2018

    We have a list report where users can see their features assigned. We want to use it to see what features the user should deliver on quarter basis. For user it is a hard to use dates to show what he should deliver this or past quarters. Release quarter makes it easier to find data he need.


Improve management of release quarter, epic quarter or *quarter fields

Today, we can add to a list report the fields of release quarter an epic quarter but we cannot filter these fields or add it to a formula in calculation column. Please add this must have functionality.
Ronit Binshtok 11 months ago in Application 0 Future consideration