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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Strategy
Created by Kote Khutsishvili
Created on Nov 4, 2019

Add external date for initiatives

I'm sharing initiatives view as a status report for different projects. I want to have an external release date field with flexibility to choose quarter, month, week or specific date

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  • Kote Khutsishvili
    Jul 1, 2020

    Kelly custom fields are no good option for this. I want it to be visualized automatically.

  • Kote Khutsishvili
    Nov 7, 2019


    I can't create custom field with all the weeks in a year and the choose it by dropdown. Why don't you can create same functionality as you have on releases???

  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Nov 5, 2019

    Thank you for sharing this feedback!

    We recommend creating a custom field on the initiative for this type of information.

    The custom field can be a date, tag, or dropdown depending on what makes the most sense for your data.

    The custom field can then be displayed on any reports and presentations where you share your initiatives.

    You can learn more about custom fields in this article.

    Let us know if that is a good solution for you. If not, please help us to understand your use case a bit better.