Add Release Features to Notebook

We really like the feature details view in the app, with the tabs down the left hand side. I often wish I could just share that view with the client, because it still gives you the context that the feature you are looking at belongs to a bigger picture. 

Currently, I have to go back and forth between the notebook and the feature details view 2-3 times to count and make sure I got all of the features in the right order. Then when the release features change, I have to do it again.

It may be helpful to be able to "add all" features in a release to a notebook (or similar), and keep the notebook synced with a release. I realize that could pose some logistical/UX challenges, because there are no other "add all" buttons, but there must be others out there that use notebooks to gain feedback on a release.

  • Lauren
  • Sep 23 2015
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  • Jul 13, 2017

    Admin Response

    By going to a Feature Detail view, it's possible to add the view to a Notebook. Please see the attachment for details.

    This would allow you to provide feature detail information to your stakeholders, allowing them to better understand the details behind the release. At this point, we do not have plans to create an "add all" feature, but we hope that this functionality will help you with your meetings.

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  • Lauren commented
    January 08, 2016 22:53

    Unfortunately this does not meet our needs. We have resorted to building our our own views to support our needs. Thanks.

  • Peter Marshall commented
    August 05, 2016 18:09

    The Admin Response explains how to add a single Feature to a Notebook, but that is not at all what Lauren is asking for.  I believe she is asking for (and I would also very much like) a way to add the whole Feature set of a  Release to a Notebook in one action with the result being a Notebook containing the Feature detail pages for all the Features in the Release, probably ordered by Rank.

    Ideally the Notebook would update dynamically, so if a Feature is added to / removed from the Release, its detail page would be added to / removed from the Notebook automatically.

  • Donald Hasson commented
    July 01, 2017 00:11

    I agree with Lauren and Peter. Please reconsider this or at least some way to present a good bit of key information about features in notebooks for internal stakeholders or customers to view for a lot of features. I faced the exact challenge Lauren did. Add every single feature in a release to a notebook - easy to get out of sync. And worse, if I add a feature to a notebook, I cannot tell that from the feature. Lauren's idea of creating a notebook based on a release of features that keeps all features in that release in sync would be awesome.

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    July 01, 2017 00:21

    I am curious if your real goal is to create a notebook of features as a substitute for a requirements document? Does the notebook format work perfectly for your use case (assuming all features in a release could be easily added) or would a different layout be more useful?

  • Gavin Saldanha commented
    July 05, 2017 13:08

    Yes, for us, the goal is to get a requirements document via a notebook of features.  My view is that we need the feature name, description, and the requirement details (name and description) into a notebook.  Doing this with minimal button clicks/actions would be appreciated and things like comments are unnecessary for this notebook view.  We're a bit hamstrung by a) having to manually add each feature to the notebook and b) by basically having the webpage view added to the notebook.  It needs to be a cleaner view for executives so they can understand the ask.

  • Donald Hasson commented
    July 06, 2017 16:54

    Thanks for the question Chris. To answer your question about replacing a requirements doc, sort of. The idea I think is the same. But ours is more of a feature info sheet that we distribute to everyone internally once a feature is about to be released. So it's less for Dev since we'll be going thru the Jira integration. But it will have high level market requirements that follow the feature through so people understand what we were building, why, for whom, etc.

    Regarding the format; I hesitate to say it works perfectly as I saw it as the only option at this point to accomplish my goals of 1) keeping the data in Aha all the way through the process, 2) keeping the data live, and 3) allow that live, latest/greatest data to be viewed by anyone internally to avoid going back to stagnant PDFs. 

    I did comment/vote on several other related ideas that may give you a sense of at least how I was thinking about it (again based on what I currently see).