Group Ideas in list view to one feature

When you create a list of all features assigned to a release you can add the columns for the requirements, however these columns do not all come in the correct order and each requirement creates a new line for the feature. E.G. A feature with 4 requirements will create 4 separate lines. This way when we transfer the list to a notebook view to show everyone the features and requirements we want to add to the next sprint they can easily look through and approve that release.

  • Sarah Burgess
  • Jan 15 2015
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  • Clinton Eidelman commented
    January 19, 2016 22:50

    Exactly what I'm looking for. When socialising candidates for a release, grouping requirements(stories) by feature/Initiative/Story status in the List view would help a lot.

  • John Hopkin commented
    October 17, 2016 11:05

    I've just encountered this issue too. I want to create a list of all ideas for a particular set of releases. I can't do this directly in aha, I have to export the data and manipulate it in Excel to remove the duplicated rows. 

  • Sonjoy Ganguly commented
    13 Mar 12:48

    same for initiative or objective fields, if i assign multiple initiatives to a release. in the list reports i'd like to group by initiatives so each release only appears once, and shows all the initiatives together in the one line item. (technically using 'group by' incorrectly, but hopefully gets idea across)