Show Requirement rank in List view (and API)

Currently you can assign and view the rank of a feature (drag and drop to reorder, show Rank column in List view).  You can also drag and drop Requirements within a feature today, but there's no way of showing that ranking.  This would help us to full utilise the prioritisation and reporting at a requirement level.

1. Feature A

   3. Requirement X

   1.Requirement Y (most important requirement within Feature A)

   2.Requirement Z

2. Feature B

  1. Requirement I (most important requirement within this Feature B)

  3. Requirement J

  2. Requirement K

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  • Nov 6 2014
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  • Tim Rochford commented
    February 05, 2015 12:04

    +1 - having to create a separate rank field to manipulate out-of-band for the API