Alternative view(s) of Feature Detail Pages for Notebook

The feature detail pages, when saved to a notebook are a really great way to run through the requirements details with the team, in order to refine them.

All of the Feature meta-data fields (such as: Type, Assigned to, Watchers, Goals, Initiative, Score, and custom fields) appear in a column on the Right hand side of the page.

This meta-data is important to those of us that are in Aha planning and working with these features to prioritize.  But they are very distracting and confusing to team members and stakeholders that we need to talk with through the requirements gathering process.  Frankly, they can derail a stakeholder conversation if they focus on any of the details shown there.

It would be really great if there was an option to not show that information on the Notebook page.

The feature detail notebook page is really nicely formatted, and I know that I could go in and create a report or a Pivot to only show the Feature description and requirements--but it is a real challenge to format this much information (as some requirements can be quite long and detailed) into a usable printable format as a table or pivot.  I could also export it to excel & do my formatting there--but I'd have to do that each and every time I wanted to print a feature for discussion--not gonna work.

Blowing-out this idea, it would be super cool if there was a way to pick the elements that you wanted to show on a Notebook page from a particular screen.  For example, with the Feature description, I would really love to include the comments or To-Dos while I am working through the requirements with stakeholders.  But then once I'm done with that and ready to start discussing with Dev, I'd like to not include the comments.  So some sort of checkbox selection of what you want included in the notebook page would be super fantastic!

Thank you for the consideration.

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  • Apr 27 2016
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  • Sep 25, 2019

    Admin Response

    Aha! presentations now allow you to customize which fields are shown in detail views — such as feature and initiative details.

    If you would also like to show comments or to-dos in presentations, please let us know more about your use case in this idea.

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  • Pablo Antolín commented
    31 Jul, 2019 08:22am

    This functionality should be available for feature printing and notebook creation. Reviewers should have also the possibility to see feature descriptions in full-screen.

    It is really annoying to see that al metadata, comments and attachments are added to what you really want to communicate (typically Title and description)

  • Shirley Chan commented
    2 May, 2018 06:48pm

     +1 on Beth's idea. I tried to get feature card to show comments and it was very difficult to do so. It's hard to remember what the feature is based on the title alone and the comments are where we post updates on the feature progress.

  • Lauren Mason commented
    2 May, 2017 05:33pm

    I cant vote - it's not letting me select it. just freezes. but adding my vote

  • Cathy Sherwin commented
    27 May, 2016 07:10pm

    +1 on Beth's idea, more to add: 

    The way Feature Cards display on Notebooks leaves much room for improvement. There is a ton of whitespace and unneeded detail, and the detail we *do* look for (e.g., wireframes on attachments) is not clickable and too small to view.

    Also we have noticed that our 'small' Feature Cards convert on URL to a single page, but become two pages (with the second page blank) when the same Feature Card is in PDF format. This means we cannot use PDF Notebooks that include Feature Cards, as it forces our business partners to click through blank pages. I'd ask that you consider this use case on upcoming Notebook-related development.

    Thank you!