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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 1, 2017

Add Features and their content to the Notebook dynamically based on the Feature List defined for the Notebook

Notebooks are a great way to share content with stakeholders who do not use Aha! or do not want to have to use Aha!. Unfortunately Features and their associated content currently need to be added to a notebook manually. This therefore means I am effectively managing the contents of the release twice - once in the Aha! Feature Board and once again in the Notebook. It is too easy for them to get out of sync.

What I want is for the Features and their content to be dynamically added to the Notebook based on the Feature List included in the Notebook. This would allow me to have a notebook which contained the Features of one or more releases automatically without having to add them manually. They should also be added in the same order as the Feature List - thus the Feature List would act as a Table of Contents for the Features to follow in the notebook.

This is a more advanced variant of APP-I-1663 which the person from Aha! reviewing the request completely misunderstood and said the feature already exists - which it doesn't.

    Feb 8, 2017

    Thank you for the note. We can see how it may be helpful to automatically add content based on a Features List in this specific scenario.

    However, at this time, we are unlikely to make updates in this area based on current priorities, historical feedback and the relative effort required. We hope you can understand.


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  • Donald Hasson
    Jul 1, 2017

    Hey guys - I imagine lots of PMs want to share different bits of information about a feature either before, during, or after a release. With some additional customization, feature cards can be a great way to do that. But I agree with Roger, it would be great to add features to a notebook in some group (likely for me it's a release) and keep it live updating which features get in. 

  • Guest
    Feb 8, 2017

    Given that I've been told by support that you are making changes to Notebooks around now I'm surprised by your response. Notebook content needs to be dynamically driven - at the moment it is far to static to be particularly useful. This relative minor change would move the capabilities forward considerably.