Provide the ability to include static interstial pages in Notebooks

Right now Notebooks can only include dynamic pages derived from data in Aha.  The true value of a notebook is to replace entirely outside presentations of this data.  Otherwise the user must continue to use a presentation slide deck and insert Aha content in various places, breaking the notebook's use entirely.  It also leaves the user with a continuing problem of having info spread across tools.

Notebooks should really allow the user to insert blank pages or slides into any place in the notebook, thereby replacing the need to create a slide deck about a topic and allowing the user to present info entirely via Aha.

An example is a notebook we have created where we have an image and basic text we want to include in between some of the Aha-generated content. 

This right now "suffices" but is not really professional looking, and required some fancy footwork in the tool to get those pages available, and the image is really poorly presented.

Aha could entirely replace Google presentations/Powerpoints for us if we could insert additional "slides" in Notebooks that simply present text and pictures.

We chose Aha in an attempt to use a communication tool that let us stop spreading our information across tools, but we're finding it falls short for this right now - help us!

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  • Jun 6 2014
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    Chris Waters commented
    June 06, 2014 17:19

    We completely agree. I would like to be able to add free-form text and graphics to additional pages (just like Powerpoint) in a notebook. 

    We have had this on the backlog for a while, and I will add your request to the feature.

  • Gary Wu commented
    October 30, 2014 13:56

    We have this need as well. Since we may have many roadmaps for many products within a single notebook, we'd like to be able to communicate context for each of the products & roadmaps since they will be different from product to product.

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    Danny Archer commented
    February 04, 2015 22:37

    We recently added Aha! Notes:

    These can be used to create unstructured data, like a wiki, and can be added into notebooks allowing custom content outside of the structured Aha! screens.