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Status Shipped
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Created by Max Robbins
Created on Jan 5, 2024

Share Notebook folders as a webpage so users can access all documents

Who would benefit?

To further encourage customers to use Aha! Notebooks to centrally store all their product documentation, this would let customers easily share a library of knowledge with their stakeholders.

This would benefit all teams who need to have transparent and accessible documentation.

What impact would it make?

Teams can make the shift from old systems like Sharepoint for storing product documents because they can make all required documents visible from a link.

How should it work?

Notebooks users can share a folder. This lets the guest access every document under that folder.

A folder can also be shared as a webpage with the same behavior. This can then be embedded into other applications via iframe.

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Share all notes in a hierarchy

It would be great to be able to share a link to a note, and users would be able to drill down into all notes in the hierarchy of that parent note. This way we could create a hierarchy of project documentation, and only share one link out to review...
Greg Wissler over 2 years ago in Notes 0 Shipped