Notebook templates show unnecessary fields

The recent UI updates to the product are great, however they seem to have changed the Notebook templates.



There is unnecessary fields displayed in my notebook for Initiatives.

Unnecessary fields are:

  • created date time
  • color
  • show on roadmap checkbox



At a minimum don't show these admin fields.

Ultimately it would be great to choose which fields are displayed in each template.



We have a physical roadmap card wall which is populated with our initiatives used to communicate to the wider company what is happening in product world. (We host our meetings in front of it and share a beer with it sometimes).

I want to use the Initiative card template in a notebook for printing A5 cards to keep the wall populated and in sync with Aha.

So the Real Estate on the cards is important when printing to A5 size, but I also only want to share the most important information.

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  • Mar 24 2016
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  • Donald Hasson commented
    July 01, 2017 00:00

    I may take up the beer feature review suggestion. But in parallel, this idea is exactly what I'm trying to do for very similar reasons. I want to share a few key pieces of features (custom fields we created like competitive positioning, market problem, persona, etc.). But I don't want the ancillary data. Basically I don't want to show anything on the right side that can't be changed on the feature card. More customization is better. Ref: