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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created on Jan 2, 2018

have the capability for a Masterrelease to contain masterreleases themselves

AHA allows me to configure underlying productlines as part of another product line, which works great to set up a structure that suits your organisation! e.g.:

Productline X :

- product line 1
- - product A
- - product B
- product line 2
- - product C
- - product tD
- product line 3
- - product E
- - product F

A problem arises though configuring releases for such a structure, since a product line can only have masterreleases, and a product can only have sub-releases. However, a masterrelease cannot contain underlying masterreleases.

In the above example this would mean that there is no way for me structure my releases according to my structure:

Productline X :                Masterrelease

- product line 1                Masterrelease ??
- - product A                     Sub-release
- - product B                     Sub-release
- product line 2                 Masterrelease ??
- - product C                     Sub-release
- - product D                     Sub-release
- product line 3                 Masterrelease ??
- - product E                     Sub-release
- - product F                     Sub-release

for the productlines 1; 2 and 3, I cannot use a sub-release, since a sub-release should contain all planned / to be delivered features, and these are assigned on Product level not on Productlinelevel.

However, I also cannot configure a masterrelease for the productlines 1, 2 and 3, because the masterrelease for Product Line 'X" cannot contain masterreleases itself.

so the following conflict occurs:

- a productline can contain multiple productlines

- a productlines Must be a masterrelease but a master release cannot contain a masterrelease


It would be great if it was possible for a masterrelease to contain masterrelease, so that the release structure is in line with the possbilities of the Product/Productline structure! 

    Jan 2, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. Master releases are generally meant to provide a way to group releases within a single product line that will all be released on the same day. Those releases can then be rolled up to a parent product line using goals and initiatives. If you have products across multiple product lines which all release on the same day, you might consider consolidating those into a single product line to simplify the product hierarchy.

    Given the added complexity, we do not have plans to implement this idea at this time. We hope you understand.

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