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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 14, 2019

Allow additional Link Types in the 'Links to' field

Within AHA we are mapping

  • Releases -> ADO Release Work Item
  • Master Feature -> ADO Epics
  • Features -> ADO Features.


Master Features need to be located in the Release in which they complete.  But Features (that contribute to this Master Feature) may be delivered earlier.

This structure cannot be used in ADO as the ADO Epic (Master Feature) can only have one Parent (the Release it will be delivered in).

This means Features lose their link / context as they cant remained linked to the MAster Feature.


Discussed with AHA support and we settled on as the best approach

Features having 2 links in AHA Integration.

Links to: Master Feature -> Parent

Links to: Release -> Parent 


But ADO only allows one parent - currently it appears to take the 'Release' Parent.


What would be great it to support an additional Link Types in the Integration

  • Predecessor


This is how ADO suggest working in their guidance (Parent of Feature = Release, Predecessor of Feature = Epic)

It would allow us to setup the following:

  • Links to: Master Feature -> Predecessor
  • Links to: Release -> Parent 



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  • Guest
    May 10, 2023

    looking to add:

    Successor / Predecessor links for dependencies

  • Stacy Monnahan
    Mar 17, 2021

    We are having the exact same issue. We'd actually like to use Related as the link type for the Release

    Links to Master Feature -> Parent

    Links to: Release -> Related

    We don't push Master Features (Epics) into ADO, but we have Epics in ADO that lose the appropriate linking when a feature falls under a release. We wanted to resolve that with a Release Work Item that we'd sync the release in Aha to, and then the Feature would be related to that Work Item so typical hierarchy isn't disrupted.

    Really just letting the user set up the type of link they'd prefer would be best.