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Created on Aug 24, 2015

Track effort (estimates) to prepare features for JIRA separately

When Aha!-JIRA integration is enabled, updating the features estimates on one of the tools, will cause an update on the other.

We suggest to have the possibility to un-map the estimates fields between the 2 tools. So updating on one tool won't affect the other.

We would like to have separate estimates on features on both JIRA and Aha!. Where these estimates don't relate to each others.

Aha! users (Product managers), they use estimates in Aha! to bring the feature to "ready to develop" state. While JIRA users (developers), they use JIRA estimates to bring the features to "ready to ship" state.

In our case, both estimates are different and shouldn't overlap. 

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  • Guest
    Oct 23, 2015

    It seems like you need two different estimates, one for the preparation of the feature (i.e. building requirements) and then an estimate for the development portion.  Couldn't this be handled by adding two features or two requirements tasks with different estimates?