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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 6, 2023

Allow one-way mapping of calculated/read only Jira fields into Aha

Who would benefit?

Aha users needing to see Jira data that is not editable in Jira

What impact would it make?

In our case, allow us to use engineering estimation data in Aha scorecard calculations.

How should it work?

The current Aha-Jira integration requires that Jira fields be included in both the View and Edit screens in Jira. It would be beneficial if Aha would support one way (Jira --> Aha) mapping of fields that are only available on the View screen in Jira.

Use Case: Our Jira Epics include fields to allow each participating team to add a t-shirt estimate to the epic. These t-shirt estimates are then aggregated to a single numeric estimate for the epic. The epic estimates are similarly rolled-up to Initiatives. Since these aggregate/roll-up fields are calculations, we do not want to allow users to change the field value direct, therefore, not on the edit screen.

We would like to be able to pull these calculated roll-up estimates into Aha records and then us automated scorecard metrics to set the effort metric in our scorecard based on the aggregated engineering t-shirt estimate. But we can't because the field is un-editiable and therefore not mappable.

It seems it would possible to map these as one way sync, from Jira to Aha, and that would elimiate the need to have the Jira field on the edit screen to support integration.

Note, this is somewhat similar to, but seemed different enough that I created a separate idea.

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