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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Kyle Shannon
Created on Jan 4, 2024

Jira Integrations: Map Aha Releases to a custom Jira Version Field

Who would benefit?

Any Aha customer with jira integration that uses a separate jira field that has version data as values to enter. In my jira project I use a different field (other than fix version) to track what release our features will release to. Right now without this feature, I cannot utilize the very valuable functionality built in Aha with releases, roadmapping, presentations, etc

What impact would it make?

Enables Aha customers to map releases in Aha to a separate version picker field in Jira - this should be a very simple feature to support. Without this customers cannot use all the powerful functionality of releases that are built into aha, nor can they use roadmapping presentation tools

How should it work?

In the mapping of Aha to Jira pages, records shall have a "links to" mapping that enables Releases to map to a custom jira field that has version picker as data that is entered.

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