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Created on May 20, 2015

Have a Release Workflow Custom Status trigger the Send to JIRA action

In the end I just want to be able to manage the Send to JIRA trigger action via either my Features Workflow or my Releases Workflow. Send to Dev to me equates to send to JIRA. I will want to make sure my status is updated throughout, so I will always click the status update trigger button.

It would be nice if the release gets automatically sent to JIRA once the status is updated to reflect that it is ready for it. 

    Jan 7, 2016

    As you you may likely know, we have a 2 way integration with JIRA and updates are sent back and forth in an automated way. There is also the option to manually update features through the Update JIRA action.

    We can see the potential benefit of having this be an automated workflow, though it can also be done fairly quickly with just one more additional click.

    At this time, because of the current capabilities, application focus areas and the level of effort required for this request, we are unlikely to make updates in this area. I hope you can understand.

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  • Matt Pyke
    Feb 14, 2020

    The workflow process we have created to pass data to the architects and engineers to breakdown and evaluate the work happens in JIRA, when the process was designed with all groups at the table there was an assumption from that group the change in status could trigger the send to JIRA. Although they accepted the click the ability to send to JIRA based on a change in status workflow case be achieved with a business rule, that would be extremely powerful, and make the work flow much easier.

  • Rob Sirard
    Aug 28, 2018

    While the Admin response of "one more additional click" is valid, the trigger for that click is still someone actually remembering to perform that click.  If the Product Owner forgets, then this causes delays with Engineering starting work and adversely affects Lead and Cycle Times for Kanban teams.