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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Jira
Created by Aaron Kremin
Created on Jan 8, 2018

Set Dates of Feature Based on Status in JIRA

I'd like to see the Aha!/JIRA integration be updated to have an option to set dates of features (and possibly other items) based on Status that is in JIRA.


  • I create a Feature in Aha! and integrate/export to JIRA
  • When Feature (referred to as a Story in JIRA) gets picked up by a team and JIRA status is set to PO Approved to Start Work, I'd like to see the Feature start date updated to that date
  • When a Feature is done and JIRA status gets set to PO Approved, I'd like to see the end date updated to that date

It may even be more useful if there were phases set (planned and actual) for those status/dates. 

Thank you! 

    Jan 11, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. It is currently possible to map the feature start and due date fields to date fields in Jira. This would allow you to handle this by setting dates in Jira when work starts/finishes on an issue and have that update the corresponding field in Aha!

    Given the option above, it is unlikely that we will implement automation based on status changes. We hope you understand.

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