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Status Already exists
Categories Epic
Created by Erik Didriksen
Created on May 28, 2019

Abandoning Epics

Despite your careful research, consideration, and planning - that epic you fought for inclusion into a release just isn't going to get started any time soon.  Sprints later you realize that it's probably not going to happen ever.  Holding on to hope, you drop it into a parking lot.

Some time later, a product archaeologist is sifting their way through the strata of your parking lot, uncovering all sorts of epics that were half-started, partially defined, or never finished.  They ask themselves... was this stopped because of a great migration?  Did work actually ever begin?  Perhaps some sort of meteor fell from the heavens and made the product team go extinct... or maybe they just abandoned the effort?

To make sure that history tells the tale and keep these archaeologists' jobs as scientific as possible, can Aha please include an option for Abandoning or otherwise inactivating an epic?  Deleting it seems extreme, but it's currently the only way to clear the clutter.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for submitting this idea! It is currently possible to create a custom workflow for your epics (or master features) and have "Abandoning" be a final stage of that epic. When an epic is abandoned, you can put it in a release (any release that you're about to ship will do) and then ship it. It will still be accessible via reporting and search, but it will have this important status associated with it. If you need any assistance setting this up, please reach out to us at

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