Allow a list to be sorted by a field not present in the view

If I view information in a pivot table, I have the ability to sort the table based on a field that is not present in the pivot table view. I would like a similar capability in lists.
In my specific example, I have created a custom table to hold risks and issues. I want the ability to have the most important risks and issues at the top of the list, to give them the focus that they deserve. For reporting, the importance for a risk for me can come from a mixture of the probabitlity of the risk occuring, the possible impact and the urgency of implementing the mitigation. In order to simplify things, I added an order field to risks, which is a simple numeric list that I can then sort (in my case, sort ascending).
I simply want to be able to sort the list based on the order field, without showing the order field.
(In case you are wondering, when trying to present this data, I prefer to have a list with an order field rather than use a pivot table because I can get a slightly improved look and also I can edit the column heading in the list).

On the needed by field for this idea, I have put "Not sure", simply because I can operate as is. At the same time I would really love to see it implemented. Also, my use of the table is not customer facing. If it was, I might be more sensitive about showing the order field, based on wanting to provide customers with the cleanest view and not wanting to have to explain that column.

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  • Feb 12 2019
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