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Status Future consideration
Created by Jonathan Lewit
Created on Nov 4, 2020

Add ability to sync custom table one to many field with AZURE DevOps Fields

I would like to be able to sync a one to many custom field, that links ties to a custom table, we have added to our requirements (PBIs), with the iteration path from DevOps. This does not appear to be possible.

The reason for this is that we have created a custom table in AHA to represent our sprint information. This allows us to capture expense by sprint, which we use for budget planning and tracking purposes via some custom worksheets we've created.

We are doing manual steps today to make the calculations work. We have a custom sprint field on each PBI that does sync with AZURE DevOps. We run a report every sprint that highlights the MISMATCH between the custom one to many link and this DevOps Sprint Field. We then bulk assign the appropriate custom sprint table record.

This allows us to put an expense value on each PBI, based on the ratio of that PBI's groomed point value vs. the total points planned for that team for that sprint.

Would love a way to automatically select the sprint record based on the synced value from Azure Devops.

Happy to discuss further, if you would like to dig deeper or have alternative approaches.



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