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Created on Aug 2, 2019

Improve usability of DevOps iteration field mappings as it relates to import

Azure DevOps does not support webhooks on iterations which means that updates to fields on linked Iterations will not flow from DevOps to Aha! However when specifying the Iteration field mappings in the DevOps integration in Aha!, it is possible to map some fields as a two-way mapping while other fields (such as start date) can only be mapped as a one-way mapping from Aha! to DevOps.
This can be a bit confusing when importing an Iteration from DevOps to Aha! because fields that are set as a one-way mapping from Aha! to DevOps will cause that iteration field in DevOps to be overridden with the default value in Aha! upon creation. 
It would be great if we could make this more evident when setting field mappings, and if we could explore a way where we could allow setting the field to be a two-way mapping (at least for import purposes)
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