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Status Future consideration
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Created on Mar 4, 2021

Custom Record Type, Made Up Entirely Of Custom Fields

We have some customer systems that we need to sync data back from. These are generally tasks that are created in systems we integrate with (specifically Azure Dev Ops, with the Task record). We are an outsourced product management company, so we have a slightly amended flow.

Our flow generally follows;

  • Our PM creates the Feature/Requirement

  • This is workshopped with our customers and engineering teams

  • Pushed into DevOps

  • Customers engineering team adds tasks to meet the deliverable

  • Estimates are placed at a task level

What we would like to do, is sync these tasks back to Aha as an FYI to our product managers. This only needs to be a one way sync. We would need to be able to relate these to the requirement record in Aha as part of a sync.

If we could do this, it would allow greater visiblity over our customer bases engineering teams, and provide better sprint level reporting up to C-Suites.

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