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Status Future consideration
Created by Michael Scholze
Created on Dec 4, 2020

DevOps Integration: Sync "Task" Workitems with Aha's "To-Dos"

Currently, our main work in DevOps gets done within Task items which also have effort spent inside. These however are not a sync-option within the "To-Do" level of Aha!.

The fields "Name, Description, Assigned to, Due Date (and maybe effort or other custom fields) have equivalents in DevOps that could be mapped or used for summarizing "actual" efforts up from underlying tasks compared towards original efforts estimated.

This is particularly useful as Tasks in DevOps can be associated to any other item (Epic, Feature, Requirement) and match the description of "To-Do" quite well. They also reflect all "necessary on the side work" that probably wasn't part of initial planning.

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  • Nikki Kronz
    Jul 8, 2022

    Our organization functions the same way. We have appropriate uses of Initiatives, Releases, Epics, Features and Requirements (User Stories), but sometimes need to further segregate USs into tasks. Ideally, we could map these to the US they belong to, which is tied to a Feature, Epic, etc...

    I see the DevOps integration allows for Task data to be integrated (existing webhook option), but Aha does not seem to have webhooks available at the To-Do level. Passing tasks through would be extremely beneficial for us, and allow us to expand our Aha! user set to multiple product teams instead of only one. This is a revenue driver.