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Status Future consideration
Categories User management
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Created on Sep 24, 2020

Support custom fields on portal users both for regular and sso login

We need to track several pieces of metadata about a user to effectively understand their request. This metadata is intrinsically associated with the user and cannot change from idea to idea. This includes things like the user's role in our custom application, the user's paid/unpaid status, the user's job role, The user's language, etc. etc. etc. We would like to be able to associate these with the user in aha so that we can actually see them on ideas submitted by the user without the user having to enter them and also potentially track votes by metatdata field. e.g. this idea has 200 votes by spanish speakers, this other idea has 150 votes by user's with role "counter".

    Jan 3, 2024

    Aha! Ideas Advanced now supports storing custom fields and data on portal users, which we call Contacts. Today this data can be sent to Aha! via csv import and API.

    Learn more.

    Now you can also now send the portal user's organization assignment via SAML SSO.

    We will keep this idea open to track the ability to pass in additional fields via SSO.

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  • Chris Eichermüller
    Oct 8, 2020

    This would help with demographic analysis of ideas that are posted.

    Additionally the ability to associate them with the same company (their company) we can see if 100 votes come from 100 companies or only from 5 because one company told everyone to vote.