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Status Future consideration
Categories Branding
Created by Manny Ju
Created on Feb 27, 2020

Outlook-friendly emails from the Idea Portal

Most of our clients use MS Outlook as their standard email client. We've noticed that the HTML generated for the Idea Portal email notifications is not Outlook-friendly. Specifically, the body of the email is all centered in the page, making it look really unprofessional to our clients.

I recommend that your team add Outlook-friendly encoding to each of the 4 different email notifiations that are sent from the Idea Portal feature so that the text is properly left-aligned when read within Outlook.

    Feb 28, 2020

    Thank you for the feedback!

    We will keep listening to hear if more customers would also like to left-align the contents of the email.

    There are some adjustments that can be made in the email today with in-line styling. For example, you can add a style within an html element, like this one in the email body field <h3 style="color: dimgray; text-align: left;">.

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  • Manny Ju
    Mar 2, 2020

    We put everything inside a <div> tag. (see code sample below). If I understand your suggestion, we maybe should use the inline CSS for the <p> tag instead, yes?

    <p>Thank you for submitting your idea: <strong>$IDEA_NAME</strong> to the Maropost Innnovations Portal.</p>




    <p>A member of the Maropost Product team will review your idea and assign it a status. You'll receive an email each time your idea's status changes. If your idea is accepted for the roadmap, you'll be notifed as well.</p>

    <p>In the meantime, feel free to review other submitted ideas and cast your vote!</p>

    <p>Best regards, <br />

    Maropost Product