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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 23, 2019

Ability to modify links (urls not button text) in Idea email notifications

This is essential for a user that wants to embed the Aha! Ideas solution in their own website.


We need to be able to modify the urls of links in the email notifications sent to ideas portal users. This would allow us send users to the relevant part of the ideas portal even if it is hosted on our own website (via iframe). Since buttons in the emails are not editable, they can only ever send the receiver to an Aha! Portal.

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  • David Jensen
    Aug 17, 2022

    We only allow access to our product portals from within our applications; for this reason, we would like the ability to remove the button altogether.

  • Chris Eichermüller
    Aug 10, 2021

    We also frame the portal into our own product portals. Part of the reason we frame it into our own site is so we can get statistics on visits. We would really like to be able to use a deeplink back to our portal on all email communications.

  • Madalina Epure
    Jun 5, 2020

    We've just set up our private ideas portal to have it embedded into our platform, via an iframe.

    Unfortunately, we discovered that in the emails a user receives (when an idea they submitted changes status or someone adds a comment to it) the View idea link sends them to the portal, and not in our platform, where we've embedded the portal.
    This creates a problem for us as we want just a subset of users to have access to it (that's why we've set it to private).

    Would like to be able to customise the link and send the user to a different link than the standard.

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