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Created on Jan 23, 2020

Associate Rank to Scorecards

Aha! needs the ability to report Rank based on a records assigned Scorecard value automatically. | This inability is a HUGE pain point for our company right now & we've reverted to LucidChart to organize & rank our Epics visually. 

  • We understand that you can sort the score field, but people don't understand random numbers out of context; they do understand 1,2,3,etc for priority. 
  • We are also aware that the existing Aha! Rank field is associated to the Chart view but 
    • This contradicts having a score, in general and when reporting
    • The chart view is never used by our company (we use the scorecard based on multiple values) - drag & dropping an icon shouldn't override the score
    • Most importantly - Ranking by Chart/Product doesn't support cross-functional teams; i.e. we need to see the #1 priority across 10 products.. NOT 10 #1 for our company
  • We understand a custom field can allow us to manually Rank (and we've used this) but to ask a team member to do this quarterly is quite frankly a wasted expense when other tools automatically can do this. (i.e. id the rank from the score) 

In an ideal world, the existing Rank field would be dictated by the Score on any record & sortable.

Another option we'd consider is, the ability to see all Initiatives across all products & drag/drop on one chart to rank as well. 

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