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Created by Daniel Hirschberg
Created on Dec 5, 2019

Force Status field to be in sync with Jira

The recommendation of keeping Status as a one way sync from Jira makes Aha! reports silently unreliable, as Aha! and Jira status will diverge if somebody touches a record "by mistake".

If I set it to two-way sync, transitions not allowed by Jira make things go out of sync with a notification. I get a message that integration sync failed, but I can only ignore the change  and not revert it, so I'm out of sync right away.


I'm thinking a couple of options could address this, like:

  • having a new two-way sync option where changes are reverted on failure. So if somebody changed the Status and it didn't take, it just doesn't take and stays in sync.
  • Making Status (and other sync-into-Aha! fields) read-only, so they can't be changed in Aha! and therefore always stay in sync.
  • Have more sophisticated workflow options, where Aha! would honor or mandate status transition requirements like Jira. So either not allow me to go from Under Consideration to Shipped directly; or take the stepping stones for me. 


Right now I would have to periodically update the Aha! records from Jira, which is very painful, or run the report in Jira which not that great.


Thank you!

    Jan 22, 2020

    Just launched!

    You can now enforce that a specific status order is followed in Aha! Configure your status workflow as 'fixed' and define the allowed status transitions.

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  • Daniel Hirschberg
    Feb 12, 2020

    Hi, the new "fixed" workflow almost takes care of it but it has kink that makes things worse.


    Aha! enforces changes coming in from the Jira integration to also comply with the workflow, which does have the same workflow defined, but any misalignment or an adventurous Jira admin can break things really badly.


    For us, Jira is the source of truth, so if it let transition happen we don't need Aha! to block it with a little warning in the logs.


    I'll submit a new idea to make enforcement optional on Jira integrations.