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Categories Ideas portal
Created by Dan Jeffery
Created on Oct 24, 2019

Portal user email customisation

We are able to change the terminology within the portal settings - i.e. we use 'Request' consistantly (in the portals and the tool) rather than 'Idea'; however, when the automatic email notification is sent to new users it states"

"You've been invited to start submitting and voting on ideas."

"Verify your email and create a password to start submitting ideas for [portal name]"


Please provide the abililty the amend this text in this email so that it is consistent. Our customer portal is not an ideas portal, it is a targeted feature request portal so we want to be consistent in our terminolgy, especially as this is the first email they recieve on it.



    Nov 20, 2019

    Good news! You can now customize the content in the invitation emails that are sent to portal users. Use the new invitation template that is available in your portal settings on the 'Email branding' tab. By default, the invitation no longer references the word 'idea'.

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