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Status Future consideration
Created by Guillaume Metman
Created on Jun 25, 2019

Azure DevOps or JIRA integration : allow some way to automatically select which integration to use when more than one exists in a product

We usually map 1 Aha Product to 1 AzDo project, in which case everything is fine (except that everything ends up in the same Area Path).

We can also easily map N Aha Products to 1 AzDo project, mapping each Product to an AzDo area path.

But we currently cannot easily map 1 Aha Product to N AzDo projects (or to 1 AzDo project and N area paths). To do this, we need to set up several integrations in the same Aha Product. When we do this, the integrations only work MANUALLY, where one chooses, on the Send action, which integration to use. What we would need is some way to specify automatic filters for the integration, so it only applies to objects (features...) with a given value for a specific attribute (tag, custom attribute...).

Note this does not apply only to Azure DevOps. I know the same also applies eg to the JIRA integration.

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