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Created on Nov 5, 2015

JIRA Integration at Product Line Level

As an Aha Administrator, I have a large number of products that link to one JIRA project and having to setup the same integration over and over again for these products is time consuming and painful.  Setting up a JIRA integration at a higher level and allowing it be used in child products would be far easier.   In addition I can see a use case where I might not want to use that product line level's JIRA integration and create a new one.  So allow the child product to either use or not the parent's JIRA integration and setup its own.

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  • Guest
    Nov 6, 2015

    We're a VSO user and have the same problem.  Today, using VSO, we have 80 or 90 products.  Each one has to be setup to VSO individually.  We have a standardized dev process amongst the teams, meaning that status mapping and feature / requirement mapping are 100% identical between all products.  Unfortunately I have to set each of those up product by product, rather than at a product line level and allow for individual products to inherit (or deviate) as required.  The repetitive nature of this suggests there is an opportunity for improvement