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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Bill Simakis
Created on Apr 17, 2020

Product Line initiatives linked back to Jira Epic

We have the following workspace hierarchy;

  • Product Line A

    • Product B

    • Product C

Each Product is setup to integrate with a different Jira Project.

If I create a feature in Product C and link it to an initiative in Product Line A, the following happens:

  1. A User story is created in Jira matching the feature and links are set in each to point to the other. Any edit to one updates the other.

  2. An Epic is created in jira matching the Initiative but a link is only set in Jira. If edit the initiative, the epic is not updated but if I update the epic, the initiative is updated.

Please make the links bi-directional like at the product level so edits to one are reflected in the other.

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  • Guest
    Feb 9, 2023

    We have a similar use case for having Azure Dev Ops integrate to initiatives at the company level. We have our goals and initiatives at the company level and our Epics in workspaces. With 38 workspaces and 26 initiatives building those at the workspace level introduces too much bloat and makes reporting untenable. It would be so nice if we could build syncing between Initiative fields in ADO and Aha like we do for Epics.