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Categories Jira
Created by Brian Carr
Created on Jun 22, 2015

Configure JIRA integration for multiple products/projects at once

We have a large organization with ~400 projects in JIRA, where 1 JIRA project = 1 agile team.  We would like to sync all teams' epics with Aha, but the current UI only allows creating integrations 1 product at a time.  Assuming 1 Aha product = 1 JIRA project, this is 400 integrations we would have to manage.  Given that most JIRA projects are set up in schemes with common workflows in our JIRA, can we have a single JIRA integration screen where we can do the mapping of products -> projects in one bulk configuration?

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Import from JIRA: Select from integrated Projects

The Import From JIRA function picks one JIRA project even if multiples are set up via integration. The Import function should be expanded to allow the user to select multiple projects if there is more than one JIRA integration for the specific pr...
Danny Archer over 9 years ago in Account settings 3 Shipped