Drag & drop images from web into attachments

Currently the drag & drop functionality works when uploading files from the computer, but for web images we need to save them and then upload. It would be great if we could just drag web images into attachments.

  • Sam Banks
  • Jun 18 2019
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Jun 18, 2019

    Admin Response

    Thanks for the idea!

    As was noted in the idea, it is possible to attach images from a saved file. Additionally, images can be pasted directly into any description or custom notes field. Pasted images will then be added as attachments below the main description.

    Given the functionality mentioned above we are unlikely to implement the functionality described. I hope you can understand.

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  • Sam Banks commented
    19 Jun 17:29

    Thanks for the response! I didn't realize it was possible to paste into the description to auto-upload as attachment, this is just as convenient. Aha continues to impress in terms of the wide range of functionality available! However what I would say is between this and some other items I've encountered (such as starring a comment attachment to auto-add it to item attachments), is that some of this great functionality Aha offers is often a bit hidden. Perhaps it would be worth creating and labelling a paste-able zone for uploading images in the "add attachment" modal?

  • Admin
    Julie Price commented
    20 Jun 13:39

    Hi Sam!

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. We appreciate you taking the time!

    Just to clarify, currently there is a spot to drag/drop an image into the Attach files modal. Please see attached screenshot - orange box I added. Is that what you were referring to?

    Personally, I prefer the option we discussed above to just drag and drop the image right into the attach files area or the description itself. When you drag a file over the Attach files option, you'll notice a new section "Drop here to upload" pops up to make it a little easier. Try it out and let us know what you think!

  • Sam Banks commented
    20 Jun 15:45

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks again for the response!

    Yes I'm aware of the ability to drag files to upload from PC, in this case I'm referring to images which are web-based; for example when I want to quickly bring an image from another chrome tab, into Aha (without having to download it to my PC first).

    Currently it seems the possibilities are as follows: 

      To Aha Description To Aha Attachments
    From PC Drag/Drop; Copy/Paste Drag/Drop
    From Web Drag/Drop gives error; Copy/Paste works fine Drag/Drop gives error; Auto populates when image pasted to description, therefore functionality is possible, but hidden.


    I believe if the error could be addressed alone, this would address the issue well. I've attached screenshots of this error occurring when dragging an image into the attachments modal (the error behaviour is identical when trying to drag the image directly into the "attach files" label, without first opening the modal).

  • Admin
    Julie Price commented
    20 Jun 18:17

    Thanks for the additional details relating back to the initial idea to paste from web. Super helpful and a good idea.

    We will continue to monitor this idea for community feedback and alignment with our company goals.