Sharing dropbox attachments between features/notes etc..

This is likely a feature request, but just in case I have not figured out a secret way to do this, I thought I would ask :)

I want to be able to re-use some attachments that I have in dropbox across multiple attachment points in Aha (mockups that are referenced in multiple places for example).

I know how to link them to a single feature or note etc.. but it is painful navigating to the right dropbox folder and selecting a file multiple times when I need to take the same file and link it to multiple places. Is there a short cut for doing this?

You already have a way to show all the linked attachments at the item level (feature/ note etc) but I wonder if there is an easy way to share these dropbox links across items.
  • Melissa Hopkins
  • Apr 24 2015
  • Unlikely to implement
  • Attach files