Ability to drag attachments from Comments to Description of an Idea or Feature

Today if someone puts in an idea and they add a attachment to the comments, I would need to download it to my desktop and then drag it back to the description. I would like the ability to drag mocks, attachments, files from anywhere on the idea or feature, to any other location in the idea or feature. 

This is valuable because attachments in comments don't make it through from ideas to features, they need to be in the description for that to happen. that would save a lot of time and confusion as to where an attachment is because they are getting lost. 

  • Peter Belmonte
  • Nov 3 2016
  • Already exists
Release time frame
  • Nov 3, 2016

    Admin Response

    Please note that similar functionality is available today. If you star an attachment which initially exists in the comments, it will automatically be applied at the respective feature or idea description.

    While this is slightly different from the requested feature, it seems to serve the same purpose. As such we will mark this idea as "already exists"

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  • Guest commented
    17 Oct 09:56

    Is there any way of making this feature more obvious. I really struggled to find any documentation on this when searching for it. I only discovered it after reading this idea when I nearly requested a similar feature myself!