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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Daryna Podchakha
Created on Feb 26, 2024

To add possibility to set up automation rule based on delivery risks flag changed automatically (right now only manual change is taken into account)

Who would benefit?

Aha users

What impact would it make?

It will be possible to automate the process of filling up the needed field on initiative level based on automatic change of value of delivery risks flag field on feature (epic) level

How should it work?

There is an infinitive and I want to mark it automatically as the one which is at risk. I want to make based on the delivery risks flag field on epic/feature level. Since there is no initial delivery risks field on initiative level. For this I need to create an automation rule. When I choose the option for automation I should be able to choose "automatically flagged" which will mean that flagging is automated on the delivery risk setting (work no scheduled, work due soon). Also would be helpful if the automation rule could be multi-selected in order not to create separate automation for every case.

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