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Created by Ronnie Merkel
Created on Mar 17, 2020

Add conditions to Automation rules

It would be useful to add conditions to the new automation rules feature to allow for more targeted behavior. For example in my internal ideas portal, I have an approval step in the ideas workflow between "needs review" and the next step in the process; allowing a group of internal stakeholders to approve or park an idea. I want to create a customer facing ideas portal and automatically bypass the approval based on the source of the idea (portal url). The workflow automation is already useful, but would be more so if it could be triggered conditionally based on other data elements.

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  • Victoria Morrella
    Oct 27, 2020

    I want the automation rules feature to include an action that delivers an email with a survey hyperlink to the creator of the idea.

    Idea is:

    - Upon completion of a request, by changing a request's status to "Complete," the application would send a notification to the creator that houses a survey link we have generated.

  • Pamela Thomas
    Aug 19, 2020

    I want to be able to branch Automation Rules based on multiple triggers. If X and Y, then do Z.

  • Laurie Thompson
    Jun 30, 2020

    The automation rules feature would be much more effective if I was able to add another condition that would allow me to filter out unwanted records; for example if I wanted to be notified when dependent features within a particular PI change status, I want to be able to identify the PI as a condition, rather than being forced to apply this rule to all features in a workspace in order to get more relevant data.

If then logic for automation rules

Example: If new idea is submitted and the status does not change in 2 days then automatically trigger a to do for someone.
Joe Galanti 7 months ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration

Complex Automation Triggers

Single event triggers today are too simple to handle most of the actions I need. For example, we want to assign ideas to PMs based on categories but this requires a single automation for every category-PM combination. It would be much easier if ...
Michael Marfise 8 months ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Multi-conditional Automation Trigger

I want the ability to tailor tiggers based on more than 1 specific condition at the same time. The ability to create an action that occurs only when Field A is X and then Field B changes to Y. I would not want this action to occur if Field B chang...
Dustin Ingram 9 months ago in Application 0 Future consideration