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Status Likely to implement
Categories Product
Created by Krisztina Hodjan
Created on Oct 29, 2020

Allow automations to trigger each other

Dear Team. In order to gather several approvals via to-dos in our feature and idea workflows, it seems automation rules would be a better choice for us then fixed workflows. While experimenting them it turned out that one automation action which creates a tag on an epic can't trigger another automation rule built on that tag. Can you please look into this? I am sure all users who use automation rules would appreciate this functionality. Thank you very much and kudos for everything you do to make Aha! the best choice.

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  • Mary Vanausdale
    Jun 22, 2023

    This is extremely important to our organization as it would allow for admin updates to be posted to ideas based on the status update (flowing from JIRA/ADO to feature) . Currently ideas portal emails cannot be set-up based on the update to the idea, which leaves automated communication to be based on a cascade of automations.


Allow automation rules to trigger secondary automation rules

If automation on one record updates a related record, I would then like to trigger a second automation rule on the secondary record type based on the original change. For example, I have an automation rule that, when an epic is set to Will Not Imp...
Henry Berwick 10 months ago in  0 Likely to implement