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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Stephanie Lechner
Created on Feb 22, 2024

Allow setting approvals to "any" or "all" when configuring automation rules to trigger approvals

Who would benefit?

Users who require all members of an approval group to grant an approval

What impact would it make?

Right now it only allows "any" member which allows approvals in this scenario to proceed prematurely

How should it work?

Much like it does when you add an approval step to a workflow, users should be able select "Any" or "All" approval required

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  • Anna Murray
    Feb 22, 2024

    Yes please! Also, as I was talking this through with my partner on this project... we also wondered if we could make the Approval "Expire" and automatically close when the due date arrives? Here's the scenario:

    • At different Phases of the release, we have "Reviewers" and "Approvers".

    • For Approvers, I have a special approval that indicates "All" must approve

    • For Reviewers, I send out an approval to 30 people that is really just a 'please review and comment' type approval

      • I've set "any" can approve. (but I'd rather have any + expiration at due date)

      • Anywhere from 0 to 30 people will actually click the link and engage.

      • Anywhere from 0 to 30 people will leave a comment or click the Approve button.

      • If none engage, I need the approval to close.

        • My workaround for this now is to assign myself as a reviewer and then I can approve on the due date.

    Thanks so much for considering this!